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So Mcqueen it is.

I put it out there and did get three responses, all yes. Three responses, come on guys, voice your opinions.

Not that I was not going to make it, but getting some feedback is nice.

I did get a response and a new contact with a wonderful designer that has her own blog on

Check it out, her name is Peggy Turchette and it seems that was familiar with my work. How nice of her and how wonderful to meet other artists.

any way sometime when i write the blog I get to think on the movie Julie and Julia, about Julie writing her blog and all the time it ook to get followers.

Being that I am not particularly a great writer or have the time or the patience to keep at it in itself is a miracle to me.

So, enough with the chit chat.

I did the sketch for my idea for the butterfly dress. I opted to give the dress short cap sleeves that I can cover with the butterflies. Also since the original did not have a head dress, I am going to give mine one.

The dress will have a high collar and the V neck is only an indication for the layout of the cut butterflies. Too many cuts will be lost since the fabric is busy enough and the cuts will be lost and serve no purpose except making the sewing more complicated and my life hell.

All the cut butterflies will have to have their back dyed in orange.

The head dress will have the butterflies mounted on wire so it will kind of move or bounce which will give it kind of a life.

The look. The fabric is printed on silk charmeuse which is very light. I have decided to iron on the back a stiffening fabric to give it stiffness and this way the balloon or cocoon shape of the dress will stay solid.

Now to make the pattern and the muslin.

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