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If you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all.

The butterfly dress is coming along. Finished putting it all together.

It's very balloony,reminds me of a van Eyck painting of a merchant and his wife the Arnolfini Portrait.

I am not sure about it but maybe once I put the butterflies on it will look better.

Hmmmm, not sure about it. Of course I posted the photo above on my facebook page and got some comments. Some got the idea that it is a work in progress and it is by no means the end product. Some were very quick to voice their dislike, one even found the dress hideous.

Needless to say I was not thrilled with that comment and after calming down, suggested to that woman to not buy the outfit and later blocked her.

I am open to critic, even ask for it, but poo pooing something before its done and dismissing it just because it is not to your liking is wayyyyy not cool and unacceptable. At least not with me.

I see some shitty work being offered on ebay or other venues, I might think that its shitty, but I will not post a comment with my thoughts to the maker. If at all, I will make suggestions on how to improve it. But just stating "I don't like it" is so elitist and I want nothing to do with people like that. I might be sensitive but those who purchased from me in the past know that what they get is quality work and if I choose to share my process with you it does not mean that it gives you carte blanche to poo poo something that is not finished or not to your likings.

Now back to the dress.

I still have loads of butterflies to use and will probably needmore.

The original McQueen dress is short and a friend that saw the dress yesterday suggested that being shorter will make the balloon seem less weird.

So back to the sewing. I will shorten the dress and taper the front and back curves to it only balloon at the sides. I hope that will make it more pleasing and get the right look.

So till next time.

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