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Thinking at 3 AM

Not fun. Not fun at all. Men who read this blog who get to a certain age, know the pain of waking up at 3am with a full bladder and trying to control the need to pee. It does not work.

You try to get tp the toilet with as little waking up as possible, holding on to remnants of dream you had just before you succumbed to nature, get it over with and return to bed.

In my house hold you need to be careful not to step on any dog lying on the rug in front of you, or the cat who gets up and follow you.

Now you, or I am back in bed, adjusting the covers, letting the cat get back to his place between my legs, and then, boing. I am fully awake and my mind starts racing.

If I start evaluating my life up to this moment, it will get very morbid very quickly. So I try to think of the designs I am working on. Problem solving or attempting to, seems to put me back to sleep. Unless I come to realize something that can not be solved at 3am even with my brilliant mind.

So last night, after all the after mentioned activities I realized the the corset I am working on was molded on the FR16 doll, and will probably will not fit other 16" dolls.

Try solving this at 3am.

I used a paper air drying clay to mold the corset. It dries up white and very strong and can be sanded or drilled into it.

I first molded the top. I left the sides open for flexibility in putting it on. The opening will be in the back, where it will be laced in order to close it.

Once the top dried I applied the hip section.

I tied the waist since the top was dry and I wanted it to stay in place while it dries.

Once it was dry I removed it from the doll and started sanding and smoothing all the edges and rough spots.

Today I smoothed it further and tried it on a Tonner Antoinette doll. The top is too small for her. It's almost fit, but I don't want to push it hard and break the top. So I tried it on Tonner Tyler body. IT FITS.


You will probably be surprised to my happiness, but when you sell fashion for dolls, you try to make the fashion fit as many 16" dolls as possible, in order to make you fashion available to as many collectors as possible. Now that IT discontinue their FR16 dolls I don't want to paint myself into a corner.

And Integrity about that FR16 discontinue. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Not happy. I love these dolls. I'll take the FR16 department and design and make them big hits and stars as they deserve. So If by any remote chance anybody from IT read this blog and have a say. I am available.

The second part of this project is the bottom skirt.

It is sewn and all it needs is to be decorated.

How you ask?

That will be the topic of the next blog.

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