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Ok, now what?

That's the thought that crosses my mind every time I finish an outfit.

Now that it's all done and you sent me your encouragements and wows and ooooo's. Now what?

Now that I posted the dress in every Facebook doll pages, and on my site. Now what?

Well, now it's your turn. All the acculaids are great, but it is a business and the quite that follows is kind of weird. It's time for someone to buy it. Yes I know that it's not cheap and not the most important item on the top of the shopping list. But still. The best compliment to an artist is when someone is willing to purchase their creation. Otherwise it is pointless.

The point of my blog, or at least part of, is to include you in the process of making the outfit. This way you can be a part of the making of the outfit. Be a part of the ups, the screwups, the almost throwing it to the garbage and never do another stitch process.

So if at the end of it all it does not sell, well, it is worthless. A piece of art or a unique outfit in this case needs to get it's own life. Move on to another place where it can be appreciated and cherished, otherwise it stops existing once it's all done.

So darlings the ball is in your court.

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