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Wrought Iron

I always liked wrought iron and through the years amast a big file with wrought iron designs images. I especially liked the Art Nouveau style with all the curls and fluid movements.

I had some white wool crepe fabric that I used in the past and decided to make an outfit using black flock iron on vinyl that I got.

I played with the iron on vinyl on my Cricut machine and experimented with scale and intricate designs, to see how far and how much details I can get the machine to cut without screwing the whole vinyl. I managed to get some interesting results which encouraged me to keep adding more outfits to add the designs to.

A friend of mine got a paper cutter from Michaels and brought it to my studio to cut some photos.

I HAD to have one.

Luckily I had a coupon for 50% off, and off to Michaels I went to get the paper cutter.

Now I could use all the remnants of the vinyl and cut fine stripes which I used on the outfits.

Luckily you guys liked the designs and bought the outfits almost as soon as I posted them.

I kept making more outfits with various iron work designs and they kept selling.

I am very grateful to those who bought the fashion and have every intention on keeping making those outfits.

So stay tuned for the next outfits.

I post each outfit as soon as I finish it.

Here are some images of the group.

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