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After the iron age....

Now what? That's always the question after I am done with a mini, group or a collection.

Now what to do?

I usually check out the fashion shows for inspiration. For some reason I always come back to Chanel.

I find that the Chanel collections do not try to reinvent the wheel. They stay true to their concepts and the classic Chanel silhouette.

Dior with various designer changes the whole look of their collections. Galliano's collections were a pure fantasy, Raf Simons concentrated on intricate fabrics and simpler collections than Galliano's, which is really not that hard to do after Galliano's extravaganzas. I checked the new lines by Maria Grazia Chiuri and just did not connect with it. She got rave reviews but I just did not see it.

So since i am not doing over the top fashions at least not as a line, I go back to Chanel.

I find Lagerfeld's use of texture and interesting details exciting and easily translatable to doll's fashion.

So now, It's time for fall/Winter 18-19.

I am planning on using the white wool crepe but combine it with indigo worsted wool, grey wool and white handkerchief linen. How you might ask, well, this is the part of the design process that I will go through in the next couple of days.

Now for the sketching of the fashion.

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