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What goes into it.

A jacket is more than just a jacket. To the naked eye it looks great and the fit is impeccable, but what goes in is as important if not even more. I was watching a video on Channel jacket making and learned a lot and tried to utilize what I learned in my jacket making.

First the welt pockets.

Marking the seams and pinning the 'pocket' is very important. I measure everything and chalk it so I will get uniform pockets on both sides.

Ironing and steaming is important. I steam iron every step so I get a clean and crisp results.

I saw on the video that at the shoulders and sleeve cap Channel put a small roll in the sleeve cap to hold the cap form.

Since I am working on a small scale I had to make some modifications. I used an iron on fusible fabric to hold and firm the shoulders and a thin batting material to give the sleeve cap a firm look.

I use this technique in all my jackets and fitted tops.

So when you see a beautifully fitted top know that there is a lot that goes inside that you do not see.

Till next time.

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