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I haven't watched Project runway for couple of years now, but for some reason I tuned in for this season. I must say that in general I am not very impressed. When I was in school for fashion design I remember trying to reinvent the wheel. We as students thought that we were the best thing since sliced bread and tried to reinvent fashion. I wish I knew then what I know now.

I see the same trend with the contestants. At least with some. At this stage in my life I came to recognize talent from trendiness and an attempt to be so different that it clouds any semblance of trend or fashion. For myself , my fashion sense is more classic and I concentrate in my designs to stay with classic but clever looks. I get at times comments why not doing something more avant garde and outlandish. Well, for one, it's not my style, I am leaning more towards the classics and I don't think that doing some weird stuff, even if it is for dolls, constitute avant garde. In my work I am influenced by Chanel and in the past by Dior. I like to see how a designer develop a line and tell a story using fabrics and colors instead of gimmicks.

Any way, back to project Runway. They had an assignment of working with all over prints. The outfit had to use the same print all over. It was supposed to be for a photoshoot editorial. In my opinion only one got it right and did something inspiring. The rest was unimpressive.

I decide to take the challenge and immediately thought of a burst of color. Very tropical and loud and big. If it needs to be for an editorial, go loud and big.

I looked for a tropical floral fabric with bold colors and being that it is for dolls, with the right proportion of the print. Found it on Etsy. The top picture is the fabric.

Then I designed the outfit. I knew I wanted a combination of a very wide pants with big buttons, very 40's in style, a corset top and a big flowing jacket. Big rim hat with lots of flowers on top and big earrings and necklace.

I just finished the sketch and now its time to start putting it together.

The outfit will be made for the 16" dolls and later I will make some variations for the 12" dolls.

So stay tuned.

The JamieShow convention this year is going to take place on a cruise ship to Cuba. It sounds like a great adventure. I can not go but for those who do have fun.

Your traveling doll would love this outfit.



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