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Turning Japanese

The other day a thought popped in my mind. Indigo.

I love dark rich colors and i use Indigo a lot in my paintings. Not so much in my fashion.

So I started looking at some blue and white fabrics online. Finally I found some interesting block prints on Etsy from a seller from India. Not so japanese.

The thing is that I had a look in mind. White blouse with wide kimono sleeves and very wide pants with wide high waist. The look I had in my was definitely Japanese inspired. So I researched some traditional Japanese outfits and use them as an influence to my new group.

Here are the first three looks I just sketched and swatches of the fabric photos.

Its always exciting to start a new project so stay tuned to the progress of the new line.

The fashion will be for the 16" dolls and maybe some for the 12".

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