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Mood Indigo

My sister in law, sent me an interesting article about a fashion designer from Israel who does small collections of unique fashion using her own dyed fabrics.

I was thinking about it while walking the dogs this morning. I found similarities in our approach, yet I make the fashion for small clients. Dolls

I got the fabrics that I ordered from India and am very pleased with them. The fabrics are very light cotton, almost sheer and very soft. I like using the silk dupioni with the softness of the cotton as a contrast. The dupioni gives me the structure and the linear look while the soft cotton gives me the drape and softness that contrasts the stiffness of the silk.

In my work I try to convey a concept. The fact that the fashion is for dolls is a small factor in what I do. I see other doll fashion and at times its the same outfit with the same cut but various fabrics and some new decorations. It sells. I don't want to do this kind of fashion.

Of course I am happy when my fashion sells, after all I make my living of it, but while I make the fashion I always go to different places, try new directions and new patterns and looks.

In my fashion I convey some concept. At times it works and everything sells right away, at times I get to keep the whole lot.

This new line called Mood Indigo came about while I was searching pinterest for some ideas. I stumbled on Japanese fashion by yohji yamamoto men's wear for 2019. I loved it.

I liked his concept of the layers and the flow of the soft fabrics.

I like when I design, taking ideas from men's wear and translating the look to women's wear.

When I got the fabrics and finally could touch them I knew that a nice contrast will work.

I used the traditional man Hakama pants as a base for the pants in the group. I maintained the folds of the Hakama and use the silk for most of them. That gives me the stiff structure look.

The blouse is a rendition of the kimono, with the neck line overlapping. I maintained the blouse in the white cotton and the silk. I wanted the inner outfit to be light while the outer in the darker colors.

Some of the silks i painted myself to get a complimentary fabric to the Indian block print.

As I always do I think about the whole look. That goes to the dolls hair style, jewelry and shoes.

Since I don't make the shoes I chose for this group white and red low boots. I wanted the red ones to be the only bright color that peeks from the outfit.

I make the jewelry and the other accessories.

Now, will it sell?

I don't know.

I hope it does.

I wanted to share with you my process and the way I do things here, even if its only for dolls.

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