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I am Baaaaack

Hi all.

So I took some time off from fashion dolls and sewing.

I was working on some hand painted porcelain boxes, tiles for my home and other porcelain and ceramics.

After the last collection, Mood Indigo, I was out of ideas.

It happens when you produce line after line that the ideas are drying up. Most of Mood Indigo got sold, and I still have two that are waiting for a home.

I started looking a some fashion shows today to get some inspiration.

I like Alexander McQueen Summer 2020 for the most part. I like the concept of leather and lace and some of the runway styles. For some reason I could not help but noticing that the models have an expression of someone walking in a mind field. Maybe its me.

Any way just wanted to touch base and let you know in case you were wondering where did I go that I am working on it.

By the way I am open to suggestions and if you can recommend some designer or trend that you would like to see, drop me a note.

Till later


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