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A dress story

When I was done with the first gold dress I was inspired to keep the momentum and since I had some more of the fabric I decided to do another simpler version of the dress, using tulle to drape around instead of the fabric itself.

So happily I cut the dress, the lining and pleated the bottom, dyed the zipper and put the whole thing together.

I kind of had an idea on how to go about the tulle draping.

It took a while to come up with results that were pleasing and worked Few times all had to be removed and start over, not to mention the pin punctures on my fingers. But one need to suffer for their art.

Finally it all came together and I could see a direction that it was going

Now all that's left is to finish the embellishments with gold beads on the dress and it will be done.

Of course now that i am on a roll and got some new gold fabric and lots of tulles, expect to see some more gold gowns.

My inspiration for these gowns is Charles james, who was a genius in dress construction.

Ill give it my best try and well see how it goes.

By the way this new format of my blog requires you to create a log password in order to leave a comment. I tried it and its effortless and let me know if anyone is actually reading this blog.

Thanks guys,

Till next time.


Ayal, your work ethic and attention to detail is always inspiring to me. What a beautiful gown✨💫⭐️


i'm amazed by the work that you do. i do miss coming for lessons. things have been so crazy this past yr. eventually, i will get my $#!% together & be able to rejoin you in the future. gina!

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