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And now what ?

The gold dress was sold, and I am happy with that.

Yet kind of sad, after all the work and the problem solving, it's now gone.

The best compliment that an artist can get is when the artwork sells. It means that there is someone who appreciates the efforts and the work that went into making the piece, and is willing to spend the money to acquire it.

When I posted the dress on my site, I made a mistake on the inventory and typed 183 instead of 1 which is the right quantity.

The dress sold almost immediately but later on in the afternoon I got another notice from my site, that the dress sold.


Once an item sells, the inventory shows it as out of stock. I was walking the dogs at the time so when I got home I checked to see what's going on and found out the mistake.

I refunded the funds and apologized for the mistake.

Now, should I remake the dress again, or make something new?

Since I don't like to redo things I opted to make another gold dress. I still have about half a yard from the fabric which is not reorderable at Moods, and using Charles james as an influence, I will make some combination of these three dresses.

And now to the fabric store to find tulle that will be the right gold color.

And on another topic, I saw again the movie Julie Julia, and was wondering about this blog.

I am the last one to think that my blog is of any interest to anybody. I got one response a while back from someone who follows it, but all in all I really don't know the reach of this blog. I am not one to write my thoughts or ideas on a daily basis, and was always on the belief that one needs to say something when it is important or has some meaning to it. I know that most of the readers of this blog are those who signed to my mailing list, so they get it in their mail, but for the other spread of the blog in the internet universe, is something that i know nothing about.

Oh well.

I'll keep letting you know what I am up to and hope you find it interesting.

Till later.



Glad I found your blog. Love your work.


Love love your work.

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