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Creation in isolation

It's been a while since my last blog.

To be honest I did not feel like sharing or communicating with any one lately. These are weird times and no one has any experience as to how to deal with it and how to handle the situation.

I keep going to my studio daily and being that I am usually by myself there any how , the distancing hardly affect me.

Making stuff is another matter.

Dolls fashion is hardly on any one must have list. So I put it to rest for now. Plus I have no new inspirations as to what to make.

A friend was making porcelain masks that I fire in my kiln and since I have the mask mold, I decided to give it a try.

Hoping these will sell or a list generate some interest.

I use air dry clay which is made of paper.

It's very light weight when dry and one can always add stuff to it even after it dries by wetting the area.

So I started making these masks wit all kind of items that I have in the studio.

Some are more elaborate then others, but all are fun to make.

So here are those that I have finished and some that in the process of getting done.

Hope you like.

The masks can be found on this site at the shop.


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