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Ellowyne is back.

During the virtual Shoot for the stars convention, Robert Tonner unveiled the new Ellowyne dolls.

The dolls were not in production in a while and other 16" dolls came to be and some disappeared altogether.

I always liked the Ellow line and got few of them in my collection.

I prefer the painted eyes version. It gives me a chance to repaint the doll eyes to my likings. Once I get a new doll, I usually take her hair down, shampoo and condition the hair.

Then I remove the factory paint and give her a new face that suits her, at least in my opinion. At times it takes few times until I get the right look.

The Ellowyne doll is unique in that she is not just a fashion model. I find her to dictate to me what kind of fashion will be appropriate for her. I always saw her as a soft romantic creature, that demands flowing or period pieces.

I just finished a small group of red dresses for the 12" dolls and the test to see if the line was successful is if it sells.

So far nothing sold from this group.

I was disappointed and kind of bummed over it.

Since I don't get direct response from collectors, the only response that I do get is weather the fashion sells or not and how fast.

So this morning as I came into my studio I putzed around without excitement to do anything for the dolls and actually thinking that maybe its time to take a break from it all.

Then I realized that now that Ellowyne is back it's time to make some new fashion for her.

I spent some time on line researching looks and the one that caught my eyes was Dior Spring Summer 2021 line.

It's soft, romantic, rich and extravagant, just what Ellowyne needs.

The photo above is from Dior just so you'll get the idea that I have.

It kinds of sit well in my wheel house and reminds me of some of my still lives paintings.

So now I am excited and have a new direction and a reason to step in the studio.

I'll use brocades, inkjet printed silks, silks and lace.

If this is not Ellowyne then I don't know what is.

So stay tuned I'll be posting sketches and progress of the new line.

Drop me a note letting me know what you think.

Till later, live long and prosper.


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