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Fashion for 12" dolls.

One would think that working on fashion for 12" dolls would be easier than the 16" or bigger dolls.


It's like doing everything the same but a lot smaller. Much smaller.

When you design for the 16" dolls, there is more space for work, the fabric drapes in a certain way, there is more space to work with.

When the scale is smaller, the same rules do not apply.

If you use a pattern that was reduced from the 16" doll, there is a different way of putting it together.

To start, a fabric with print that work for the 16" doll, will be too big for the 12". So, I choose to work with solids, or print my own fabrics.

This way the scale is right.

The drape of the fabric is different, there is less weight to deal with, so in this case I would cut fabrics on the bias, to achieve a draped look.

There is only so much gathering you can do around the waist without it being too bulky, so one must be creative to achieve fullness in skirts and dresses.

Now that I covered this, let's move to a new topic.

Fall 2023 for the 12" dolls.

I started with making the tops.

I made the blouses / body suit in four colors using China silk.

I use Fray check on the edges in order to avoid fraying and lining the blouses. This way I can keep it very light.

Next I sketched the designs.

Now that I have the designs of the bottoms, I can get a better idea of how the group will look like.

Once I finish making the skirts, I will approach the designs of the jackets and coats.

But that is that will be the topic of the next step and the next blog.

Till then

Live long and prosper



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