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Gold gold gold

I was looking for inspiration and while working on my Fall Winter 2020 collection I started combining gold organza with the black lace dresses.

I still have 1/2 a yard of the fabric and pleated bottom that was lying around from previous idea, when I decided to add the bottom to a gold bodice.

Then, I saw this book on Amazon.

Being that used one was at $3.95 I could not resist it. On the cover there is a dress by Charles James, a favorite of mine which gave me the idea to drape the dress with all these pleats around the top.

How will I do that?

I have no idea.

First I'll saw the dress and have it all done, then I'll start draping and pleating the gold organza around to get the look.

Wish me luck and lots of patience.

Stay tuned for update on this dress.


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