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I changed my mind.

So I had few white men's shirts cut and ready for sewing for a while, but I haven't gotten to it.

Finally I decided to get it done and while I like the shirts, they did not go with the designs for the new line I had in mind for the guys.

The idea was based on Japanese street fashion.

Humphs you might say, or not. But being Japanese style kind of reminded me of the Hakama group I made for the ladies not so long ago. I loved working on that group.

So why not work on a Hakama group for the guys?

I have no one to answer to but myself.

So I changed my mind and will kind of use some elements from the street style that I designed, but will make it more like the Hakama group.



So look forward to indigo quilted jackets and vests to go with the white shirts, the smaller guys will get shirts too, lined with printed silk designs.

Remember that?

well now its coming for the guys and some more fabrics as well.

I am excited about this change. To be honest I was putzing around not really that excited about the previous idea but now I am stocked.

I will work on the designs and post some pictures as I go along.

So stay tuned.

Hakama for men is coming.

Till later



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