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Inspiration and motivation.

How does one finds inspiration when there is lack of motivation?

And before you even think that this post is going to be about some ideas on how to motivate yourself and bla bla bla, forget about it.

I'll be the first to admit that I like bitchin.

I can find things to complain about that even I sometimes surprise myself.

How to find motivations or ideas when you feel like staying in bed?

I don't know.

While perusing Pinterest for mask ideas I came across some fashion photo of a red skirt with white blouse.

Of course I did not save the image.

Just like any good ocd, when I look for masks, I'll focus on masks and masks only.

Luckily for me my brain do register images and that image stayed with me to a point that I decided that the next fashion project will include a red silk skirt and a white organza blouse.

The sketch above is my initial idea and from there I decided to do few blouses with similar skirts with other colors.

Luckily I have lots of fabrics in my studio so the blouses will be done first.

All in white silk organza and decorated with various laces.

The skirts will be done in silk, challis and other fabrics as I see fitted.

So stay tuned to the next group of 16" dolls fashion.

And this is how I find my motivation to make something new and get the excitement going.

You did not think that there is not going to be a lesson here.



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