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Is it too early for spring?

I need a spring right now.

With the heat index rising and the rest of the crap going on in the world, I have decided to create a little patch of spring and bring some new enchanting spirit into my life.

So, I was looking at some inspiration and came across embroidered tulle dresses from Dolce Gabana and decided to follow suits.

So, I searched for the fabrics at my usual suppliers, found some on etsy but the cost was waaaaaayyyyyy to much for my budget and the delivery time was sometimes in late September. NO WAY.

By then I will lose interest. Luckily Amazon app popped up and I found the fabrics that I wanted, and it was an overnight delivery.

I know, I know Amazon bla bla bla, but next day delivery. C'mon.

So, this morning i sketched two designs to start the group and since the price was for two yards of each color, I will be springing for a while.

Hope you like the designs and find it appealing for your girls.

The fashion will be for both 16" and 12" dolls.

Thats all for now.

Till next time.



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