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Its been a while

I am back.

It's been a while since my last blog. I was busy working on other projects and the doll fashion took a back seat for a while.

Now I am back working on the male fashion for the Mood Indigo Homme line.

I also got some new models. 17" BJD dolls.

They are beautiful. The only drawback is that they do not have rooted hair. So I get the right wigs and glue them on . This way I can change the hair style based on the outfits.

Any way, these are the first shirts for the line and I am working on three more and will keep you posted as the line advance.

Being a multiple projects doer, I also got a new bjd doll, but did not pay attention for his height when I ordered him. He is an Iplehouse doll and their 1/4 bjd is bigger than the other 1/4 bjd dolls.

So I had to make him his own fashion.

Earlier this week I saw on FaceBook a new edition of IT dolls.

Being a club member I was surprised that I did not get an advanced email about the line, but it turn out its an open line.

Any way I got one of the dolls. When I saw her I had an idea of making a group in red.

She is the black hair Victoire. Having other 12" dolls I thought it will be great to make a line for the 12" dolls, all in red.

I made two other red outfits in the past and adding new ones will be fun and will give me another project to work on.

During these times of lockdowns and restricted movements, I find it hard to sympathize with people that are bored.

I never get bored. I always keep myself busy on multiple projects. But that's me.

If you are bored come over I'll keep you busy.

I promise.

I will even feed you.

Till next time stay well and stay safe.

Live long and prosper.

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