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J'dore l'or

J'adore l'or.

This new addition to the Fall 2020 line took few steps to make.

I made the bottom pleated part a while ago and ment for it to go to another dress. The dress was never done and the bottom part was lying on my sewing table for months.

When I started introducing the gols to the collection I knew that I wanted to use that part in a dress, but could not decide how.

Then when I got a new book about the costumes in the Brooklyn Museum seeing the cover i knew which way to go.

The cover had a Charles James dress. All pleated around the torso.

I decided to use the pleated part as a bottom of a dress, and the top will be strapless fitted bodice, all done in gold organza, and then all pleated over the torso part.

I had no idea on how to go about the pleating over the dress.

I tried few methods and finally came with the right way.

It took a lot of pinning and hand sewing to get the right results.

It worked and the results are here.

The dress is lined with gold organza, closes with a zipper in the back.

The dress will fit most 16" dolls.

The outfit comes with gold boots, yes, this time I am adding the shoes.

The jewelry and the tulle scarf, even though I added it as a prop for the photo shoot..

The tulle for the headdress is not included I used pieces of tulle to create it, unless you ask for it.

If interested send me a note when you purchase the outfit.

Hope you like the results.

Comments are welcomed.


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