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And other animal prints.

Throughout time I have done fashion for various dolls using animal prints.

I always had in mind Doris Day's outfit in Pillow Talk

I loved the combination of the red with the Leopard print. So I made my own variation on the subject for Tonner American Model dolls and other 16" dolls.

The look is timeless and always works.

Looking for new inspiration I was watching fashion shows on Youtube and came across a show from Blumarine Fall 2012 and there there was an explosion of leopard prints.

I loved it.

I usually combine prints and solid to offset the look and add drama, but this overload of prints on prints appealed to me.

Needless to say that I have in stock various leopard print fabrics, but I ordered some stretch leopard and chiffon in leopard prints and of course the shoes. One must NEVER forget about the shoes.

So now that I am almost all set let the party begin.

I will post sketches for my design in my next blog so stay tuned and sign at the site homepage for my news letter to be informed first about new blog, fashions, sales and other stuff I come up with, before I post at social media.

Stay safe.


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