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Making progress

I made the top of the jacket. It's made of red silk dupioni and lined with the same silk.

Next I draped fabric along the waist in a configuration based on the original dress from Dior.

I have to take under consideration that the more pleats and folds I add, the bulkier the waist will get and that will create an unflattering waist as well as won't let the jacket close.

I created a pattern for the lower part, cut it from red silk dupioni that I used for the top, lining from red taffeta, black silk organza and black tulle.

Once I put the basic skirt together I added the organza and tulle.

The inside of the dress. The outside.

So far I am happy with the results.

I will add a snap in the front for closure and then start adding tulle to the top part of the jacket.

Till next time.



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