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Making the pleater

So as I told you I set up to make my own fan pleater.

I used a heavy paper that I use for patterns, semicircle the paper, marked the sections, used a tool to scratch the lines for easy folding. Then I decided to glue fabric on the back inn order to give it extra sturdiness. BIG MISTAKE.

The whole thing got damp, limp and started to disintegrate.


So I went back to the beginning.

I saw a while ago YouTube on how to make a pleater. They used a wallpaper liner. I got a roll at the time and tried to make the pleater. Failed and gave up on the project. I used the liner for other stuff, but luckily I had enough for this project.

Soooo I marked the semi circle, the sections, this time I made each 3/4" at the widest part, used a sharp tool to dent the lines and started folding.

Once all the pleats are folded I tied the fan to keep it close and started to steam with my steam iron.

I am going to leave it over night and see how it looks in the morning.

The look that I am after is the skirt that you see at the top.

I also to my amazement managed to find the silver fabric that I used in previous outfits.

I got this fabric years ago and have just a small piece left. So I tried to google it using some description, and there it was. I found it.

The one I got is a bit lighter, but the same texture and body. I also got one yard in burgundy. You know just in case.

Anyway, back to the outfit. I saw some renditions of it lately but the pleats are straight and the jacket is not quite the same. So I hope I get it right because there is one in white that I am planning on.

So wish me luck. I hope it works out.

Till later with progress report.

Live long and prosper.



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