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Mood Indigo for men.

I started the new line and so far I am very excited about it.

I made a muslin for the Hakama pants and used a cotton fabric I had for a while. It has some floral print on it in white. I will never use it for anything, so I might as well use it to check the patter.

Oy was I wrong.

First the fit was perfect and I did not have to change anything on the patter. Those of you who make your own patterns know how tidies it can get fixing the pattern, making a new muslin fixing and so on. So when it fits the first time, it is a joyous event. Well I said to myself, I might as well use it. So I decided to dye it in indigo.

To my delight the floral print did not dye and I got an amazing results.

That's a keeper. I made a silk lining to the pants and finished them.

Last night I woke up and after a bathroom break, men of a certain age know the joys of getting up during the night for bathroom breaks.

Any how, I could not fall back asleep so I started designing the group. I want to use the white shirts that I made for the 17" guys so I designed the rest of the outfits to go with the shirts.

Here are the first new designs.

All the jackets will be quilted and have the printed silk lining.

Once I finish these four outfits I will adjust the designs for the 13" guys.

I do not have the same collection of boots for the little guys as I have to their bigger guys.

Now for making more patterns, quilting and sewing.

Stay tuned for updates.



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