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Mood Indigo Homme

Well, it's all done.

At least the first four.

I have to admit that I had a great time making this group and by all means that is not the last that of this style that I am making.

I have tons of other ideas and designs both for the 12" male dolls and the female in the 16" and 12" size. So Mood Indigo is going to stick around for a while.

I have been collecting the boots that you see the dolls wearing for a while now.


I wish they came in my size.

Any way, since it's my personal collection and I do not like to part with them, still I have decided that if you buy three outfits I will sent you as a gift these boots.

These are for the 17" guys. I get the 1/4 BJD size shoes for the guys. They fit beautifully.

Alas lately its harder to get these. They come from China and some of the resources on Ebay do not offer anything exciting lately.

So here it is.

Hope you like the group and help me keep the spirit of Mood Indigo going.

Till later



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