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Mood Indigo Homme part Two

I must admit that I am completely immersed in the Japanese theme.

The more I dig into the fashion the more things I find to do.

In this group I have decided to explore Japanese block prints. So being that I am a bit ocd, I ordered supplies to make my own stamps using traditional Japanese motifs.

Let it not be said that I am not serious about the project.

I find it exciting to keep exploring and expanding my vocabulary in the design field.

I like to learn new things and explore them and utilize those new found skills in my designs.

So when you get my design you get hours of experimenting, learning, fucking up, throwing away, throwing a hissy fit, figuring it out, liking it, product.

In this group I also expand the inkjet silk printing.

In past groups I used those printed silks mainly as a surprise element in the lining of the jackets.

In the upcoming groups I will be using them as a surface design as well, using the printed silk in the shirts and blouse designs, the pants and the outer shell of the jackets.

Being that the dolls body can stain, I refrain from using any dye or printed material from coming in contact with the dolls body. I test all my lining materials and so far silks have shown a great vehicle that will not stain the doll.

In this group I am adding some silk organza as another top layer over the outfit.

I hope you like the ideas that I am coming up with and the results.

I am planning on expanding the line to the female 16" dolls and then reducing the design to fit the 13" male dolls and the 12" dolls.

It will keep me busy for a while.

Stay tuned for updates on the progress.

Live long and prosper.


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