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Shoes or no shoes, that is the question.

I usually get the doll's shoes from a seller on ebay name Hemeife. The thing is that sometimes this seller offer no shoes at all for a period of time, and then he burst on his shop with multitudes of beautiful shoes. I usually add shoes to my outfits even though not all 16" dolls feet are the same. I get the Tyler 46 mm shoe size which in general will fit most 16" doll except for Ellowynne and Antoinette. I find his collection of shoes to my taste and I usually but few of the same so I can have at least one in my collection. Being that it is not always available I opted not to add shoes to my Fall / Winter collection, but upon reflecting on the matter I have decided to add the shoes. After all when I buy a complete outfit I want the complete look which will include jewelry accessories and shoes.

So if that was the reason that some of you hesitated from buying the collection, rest assure that all outfits are coming with shoes.

Ahhhhhh, feel much better.

Till later



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