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So I changed my mind.

I worked on the patterns for the mini Winter group that I told you all about in the last blog.

And I kind of got board.

So whenever I look for inspiration I check fashion shows.

Nothing in the current shows excited me.

So I decided to go back to earlier shows.

Few years ago I designed a line for Jamie Show and George asked me to replicate an organza dress that was designed for Dior by John Galliano.

I did the group and the patterns and some of you have those dresses. They were embroidered and came in black, white and grey.

So I started looking at 2009 and on shows of Dior by Galliano.

Much as I dislike him, his fashion is remarkable.

So I chose to reinterpret some of Dior fashion from that period using the look I did for JS but elaborate on it.

After all if you can't have fun designing for dolls then what's the point.

The initial sketch for the first three. All done in black and white silk organza.

Outfit one.

The skirt has three bands of organza on the bottom and stripes of gloss iron on vinyl along the top.

The blouse is in white organza, but the peplum is not working so this is going to be the muslin. The final blouse will be tucked in the skirt and embellished with black blowers.

The second outfit skirt. Black organza with one band along the hem line. Decorated with flocked black iron on vinyl. Bothe skirts have tulle sewn as an under skirt.

Tomorrow I will cut the new blouse and put the blouses together.

Till later.

Stay safe



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