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The Leopards are here

The line is all done.

Well almost. I still have another outfit in mind but this one will take a while to make, so I am releasing the first group.

It consists of five outfits for 16" dolls and one for the 12" dolls.

I have another outfit for the 12" almost done, only need to put the blouse together and it will be released.

As I stated in previous blog, in order to make the outfits less expensive I am not including the accessories with the outfits.

I will add three packs of accessories to be sold separately.

This way if you can choose which accessories go with your outfit.

The shoes that I have are for 16" dolls. They are Tyler size and will fit most 16" dolls. I don't think they will fit Antoinette or Ellowyene dolls since their feet are bigger.

The line will be available tomorrow by noon eastern time. So stay tuned. I will shot you a notice when they are at the store.

I will advertise the line for the public on Saturday.

Stay safe.



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