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The new Greek group

Pondering about and researching old and new fashion, I was finally focusing on Dolce & Cabana fashion.

My old printer died, and I needed to buy a new one.

For a while I was interested in getting a wide bed printer and this was an opportunity especially since the smaller 8.5"x10' roll of print on silk was no longer available.

So, with the new printer and 11"x17" roll of printable silk I was ready for the task.

Now it was time for research of fabric designs that I would like to use.

It took about two weeks of research on Pinterest and at long last I decided on a friend's photography.

Josh Garrick is a wonderful photographer who for years travelled and taught a course in Greece to students from the school of visual arts in NY.

He had many shows of his photography and the feather in his cap was a show in Athens Museum in Greece. An honor that is rarely bestowed on a non-Greek artist.

So, with his permission I am using some of his photos in the new group which is called now the Garrick group.

Here are some of the images that will be printed on the fabric.

How will the fashion look you wonder?

Well stay tuned and you will find out.

Till later.

Live long and prosper.


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