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Welcome 2023

Just realized that it's been a while since my last blog.

So, now that we started a new year, I am creating a new group for Fall 2023.

It started with a jacket.

I have a friend who used to work for a menswear company in Chicago.

A few weeks ago, he posted a YouTube video from a company in Chicago that makes suits. I gather that it might be the company he worked for.

Any way, they go into details on what goes into making a jacket.

I know that in the past I posted somewhere what goes into making an outfit, but here and now it's a good time to tell it again.

I made jackets in the past and been very meticulous about the fit and how the jacket looks on the doll.

I was always bothered by how the jackets sit on the shoulders. It became a goal of mine to achieve a nice fit on the doll and not be satisfied with almost there.

I have thrown away many try outs that were not good enough.

From the video I learned about adding interfacing to every place where I want a crisp fold.

I used a very thin iron on facing. I fused it to the back vent, the sleeves cuff line, the collar and the front facing.

The fabric choice is also very important. When working on a doll's scale, the fabric needs to be thin enough to accept few layers and not become too bulky.

I used for this jacket a wool blend that is very light and has some stretch to it.

Once I put the front and back together at the shoulders, I started working on the lining.

I used a silk taffeta for the lining to add some stiffness to the jacket.

I added shoulders pads at the top of the sleeve head.

This is how the right side of the shell looks like before attaching the lining.

This is how the jacket looks like in the inside after I have sewn the lining to the outer shell.

This is how the finished jacket looks like after I added the buttons, hooks and steam iron the collar.

The finished jacket on the doll.

Once on the doll, I take the steam iron and go over the jacket in some areas and steam it to lie better on the doll's body.

It took me four days to assemble this jacket.

So, now you know and don't tell me that I didn't tell you.

Have a happy new year and stay tuned for more fashion coming to this group and others in the coming year.


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