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And so, it goes part 2.

As I promised at the last blog, here is the latest information about the Black Willow dress.

I left the blog with cutting some extra silk dupioni pieces for the front.

It looked good and I followed by cutting the lining using grey silk organza.

I opted for grey to offset the front decoration. If I used black lining the design would not be visible enough.

I attached the lining and tried the dress for the first time to see how it looks and how the fit works.

It looked pretty good. The fit along the body was nice but I was not crazy about the front opening. I tried some pulling but it did not work and kept pulling to the sides.

So, I decided to add some mesh to the opening and keep it stationary.

It looked great and I liked the way it laid flat and just suggested the cleavage.

I finished attaching the lining, added the snaps at the neck and sleeves.

It was time to add the side panels.

I chose to use a crinkly mesh fabric that I have. It has nice weight and is not stiff at all.

I have no idea where I got this fabric so if I needed more, it would present a problem.

I cut four circles and attached them in four places at the seams.

I attached the mesh in some other places so the drape that I wanted will be consistent.

Once I got the look that I wanted I attached black ribbon roses at the base of each drape.

I made the jewelry using various beaded chains that I have.

The head piece was an afterthought. I had left over pieces from cutting the mesh circles and I tried few and once I found one that looked good to me, I attached a black rose on top and pinned to the doll's head.

The outfit is now completed.

Thats it for now.

On to the new outfit.

Stay safe.



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