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WOW, Time flies by

It's been almost three months since my last blog.

not that I had nothing to share, it's just that at times I get too lazy to start putting it all together.

I keep telling other artists that it takes as much time to put your work out there, as it is to create it.

I put my work on social media almost on a daily basis, but writing is a different bowl game. It takes time

and organizing, which at times I just don't feel like doing.

Hence the large gap.

So, what was I up to?

As I was working on my Fall 2023 group I started veering to the dark side.

I was inspired by gothic and Victorian outfits which reflected in my work.

The last one of the group was very Goth.

I called it Black Iris.

After I posted this outfit I was contacted by Jozef Szekeres who produced Glamouroz dolls.

I knew of Jozef and his work for couple of years now and have been following his progress on making and producing the dolls in China.

The dolls are gorgeous, and Jozef takes the time to photograph them in various outfits from other 16" dolls.

We chatted on messenger, and it was decided that we would trade, i will send him an outfit and he will send me a doll.

He shipped the doll and I waited to get it.

He shipped two dolls to my surprise.

It was like an early Christmas.

I dressed the dolls in various fashions that I make, but nothing seems to fit.

So I decided that it will be a lot easier to design a group of fashion specifically for his Glamouroz dolls.

Jozef loved the idea.

These are the complete five outfits that I created for Glamouroz dolls.

These outfits can be special ordered at my site

To my surprise, Jozef shipped three more dolls to me.

I opened the box and jumped for joy.

As you know, I usually repaint the dolls that I get.

So here are the new faces the dolls got.

These dolls are just perfect.

As a kid I dreamt of having dolls like these, but there were none.

I am so grateful to Jozef for creating these beautiful fashion models that inspire me to create beautiful fashions.

I collect various dolls and my favorites shift.

I love Tonner Antoinette and designed tons of fashion for her.

Then came IT fr16, and they were the ultimate for me in doll design.

When I got the Glamouroz dolls I changed my favorite to these dolls. They are taller, have a similar body, but the torso is longer and so are the limbs.

Those legs go forever.

I use the dolls as fashion models for my fashions.

So now my inspiration is these dolls.

I got some rerooted since they came bald.

I use Laurie Lentz for all my reroots. I have been using her services for years now and I find her a delight to deal with and we became friends at this point.

her email address is

The new group I am working on is the white florals.

So far there are three that I posted in my site and are available for purchase.

The black florals are available till September 15 for order.

I have committed to make 3 per design based on order.

They can be ordered at me site.

That is all for now.

I will work on a new blog soon.

I promise.

Live long and prosper.


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