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Making the collection, from sketch to the finished garment.


Now that I have the basic ideas all sketched and done, its time to figure out how to do it.

First thing is the pattern drafting.

Adding the pleat in the front for the sailor look and for the buttons.

The pattern for the jacket. Starting with a shawl collar jacket and adjusting to add the sailor collar.

Cutting the muslin to see if it works.

It doesn't work the first time, so making adjustments on the muslin and then fixing the patterns.

Marking all the pieces on the fabric. I chose a light weight wool blend in black with blue checkers woven in.

The lining is cut separately from black china silk. I use china silk for lining. It's very light weight and will not stain the doll.

I put the pants first to see if it works well. Side pockets were added after a second thought and I am glad for it.

The jacket is all done.

The finished outfit.

I added black tights and a sailor nap sack. The shoes are temporary, I am waiting on black boots to arrive from China.

Happy Holidays to you all and a wonderful new year.

Wishing us all a great 2018.

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