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Refining a blouse.

I have been using this pattern of a blouse for years now.

It is based on a Tonner Tyler blouse/bodysuit pattern that I acquired years ago.

I used this pattern in various combination, with long sleeves, short sleeves, sleeveless.

Various collars as well.

It works. I made alteration to the pattern throughout the years to fit tighter in some areas.

This time I thought of removing any access from the bodice and making it tight body fitting.

This is the pattern that I used for the red blouse.

I decided to make the front in two pieces and eliminate the dart. This allows me to get rid of access in the waist and upper torso part.

The finished pattern pieces.

I marked the pattern pieces on the fabric. I used some crepe satin fabric that I got. It will work fine for a muslin.

Once the pieces are cut, I go around the edged with fray check. I am not lining the blouse so this way the seams will not ravel.

The piece is done.

Some more fining at the waist which will be required to be done only on the pattern.

This pattern will be reduced using my copier, to fit the 12" dolls.

Stay tuned to see new blouses coming along.

Till next time.


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