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Is it worth it?

A week ago I saw on one of the FB doll boards, some one very happy and delighted to get an outfit that was initially priced at $170.00 or so, for $45.00.

What struck me was the statement by that person that she was not about to spend so much money on a dolls outfit and so glad that she got a 'great deal'.

I did not respond to her post.

Rarely do I respond to posts or criticize someone for what they post. Its not that I do not have a response, I choose to keep my thoughts on volatile subjects to myself.

I am not opposed to getting a great deal. On the contrary, when shopping for dolls on ebay or other venues I too look to get the best deal I can.

What struck me and I found offensive was the statement that there was no way she was going to pay so much for the outfit.

I know what goes into making a dolls outfit.

It takes time effort and lots and lots of patience and dedication to make the fashion, and when posting the items for sale, hoping that they will sell.

I do not know the circumstances of that person, but I know that I have NEVER turned any one away, who wanted to get one of my doll's fashions and could not afford it. I always found a way to make us both happy.

Its those that claim that your work is too expensive that I find bothersome. I find that these people have absolutely no regards to your work and what went into creating it. They are looking for a bargain and that's it.

So to all that do buy my doll's fashion at the prices I post, Thank you.

Those that look for a basement bargain. Go elsewhere.

I keep doing the dolls fashion because it gives me joy, I like the whole process of creating a fashion line. And when it sells, it help me pay my rent and bills.

For me it is not a hobby. It's how I make my living, so I do expect some appreciation for what I do, just as I appreciate every other doll creator and fashion maker out there.

Demeaning the work that goes into making it to a 'great bargain' diminish the value of the person who creates the work.

The bottom line to all collectors comes to the question, is it worth it?

Is the money I spend on my passion worth it?

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