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Mcqueen or not?

Started working on printing the fabric for the Monarch butterflies dress.

It took awhile to make. I had a wonderful program that would let me crop around an image and remove the background, but the program upgrade to its new version and Win10 compatible did not feature this tool. I must admit that I do have other programs such as Corel paint, but I did not have the patience to figure out the way to work with layers, and when i tried to follow the instructions, I got nothing, so uncharacteristic of me, I gave up.

I got a Cricut machine for Christmas, so I cut few butterflies on the machine, created a repeat pattern, scanned it and what you see on the left is the result.

At this point i printed three sheets of silk charmeuse to make the dress.

Now the question is should I make the dress or not. Just from the description of what had to be done so far you see how involved the project is.

The idea is to make a variation and not recreate the original in doll's size, so I kind of know what I want to do. BUTTTTTT

Will it sell?

My previous collections did not sell as well as I was hoping. I think the prices are compatible to other dolls fashion that is sold by other designers, yet for some reason I am sitting with an inventory.

I do enjoy making the fashion, but the purpose is to sell. I make my living form this venture and if I am not selling i can't pay my bills, so its kind of a vicious cycle.

The new project is exciting and challenging and very likely will not be too cheap.

so while I work on other projects in my studio, creating an artists group show, working on my paintings, all to generate income.

The question that I ask myself is, is it worth making?

I am kind of thinking out loud here so bear with me.

Of course I can try to make it on the cheap side, but if that is the case, I'd rather not.

Any way, I will have to figure it out by myself.

If you have any input or just want to offer support, please do. I like to hear from you.

Well, while I am stewing on this,

Wishing you all well.

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