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The glue gun

You must be wondering about the title of this blog, that is if anybody reads this blog.

So, what about a glue gun.

Here goes.

I finished the dress and after a discussion and various comments I have decided that making the dress shorter and reduce the poofiness in the front and back will create a nicer and more appealing silhouette.

Now, when I glued the butterflies the first time I used Fabritec glue which I use a lot but this time when I took the dress off and started opening seams to adjust the shape, the butterflies started falling off. No good.

So when I finished the alterations I used a stronger glue.

This glue did the job and the butterflies stayed put and even after trying to pull them off, they stayed on. So happily I went on my way to tackle the next project. The head dress.

I cut the fabric part and put it together to my satisfaction.

Now that this was done I had to figure out how to add the butterflies.

Initially I thought of plant wire. It's thin and pliable and I could thread it through the fabric.

Tried it and NO. the wire does not support itself. So I tried a jewelry wire. NO

Then I had an idea of using headpins that I use in my jewelry making. I thought that since they have a flat head I could glue them with the Tacky Glue on the surface of the head piece. I tried and the glue would not hold.

So I consulted a friend who suggested inserting the pin from the back and glue with a glue gun in the back.

Now we are finally getting to the glue gun story.

Years ago, I got a glue gun for some reason and tried to use it.

Now not knowing how it works beside watching youtube videos on the subject I thought to myself, well it looks easy enough.

So armed with the gun and enough plastic rods to put the Titanic back together I tried it.

You know that voice in your head that tells you sometime that something is not a good idea, well this voice told me DO NOT TOUCH THE HOT GLUE.

Did I isten? NO

So as I was applying the glue expecting a nice thin line, I got this blob and a string of melted plastic that extended from the gun to the surface, so what did I do?

I touched it in order to separate the string and kind of flattening the blob.

Now I had piping hot plastic glued to my finger and running around the room shaking my hand, did not seem to help removing the plastic from my finger.

Yep I got burned. So angry and annoyed and humiliated I put the gun away swearing that I will never use this again. I think that at some point I even threw away all the plastic rods and the gun as well.

So of to Michaels I went to purchase a new glue gun and supplies. Luckily I got one for $7.00 plus I had a coupon for 40% off so in case it doesn't work I will not be out of too much money.

Well it worked.

I tried a little sample and I got what I wanted.

The butterflies were glued with the tacky glue and stayed put.

So I started inserting the pins and gluing them with the gun. It does not look all perfect in the back, so it will be covered again with the lining fabric, but I got the results I wanted and did not burn myself even once. Hahahahah

At this point it looks like a headpiece for Hellraiser, but now I need to apply the butterflies.

That's it for now. Today I'll start applying the butterflies and adjusting the length of the pins .

Till next time.

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