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The marvelous mrs. maisel

Yes, of course I love the show. It's fast witty and the fashion....

The fashion is an endless inspiration for someone who loves the 50's fashion.

I've done 50's fashion in the past and now with the surge due to the show, I am in my comfort zone.

So expect many combinations of suits, dresses, coats and hats. Lots of hats to compliment the outfits.

I always work on at least three projects simultaneously at my studio. I work on my artwork and produce paintings. I started painting on ceramic ware which I haven't done in a while and the dolls fashion.

I realized the my site needs revamping and redesigning to be more efficient, so here's to another project. It's all doable and will take some time, but it will be done.

I also am going to revamp the menswear collection and plan on making some cool fashion for the guys, both the 17" and 12" so stay tuned. I am currently working on a commission for the 12" guy so I am developing new patterns and customizing patterns that I used for the 17" guys for the 12".

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Till next year.

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