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The Maisel for 12"

So, I always get comments or inquiries about my fashion. Is it for 12" dolls?

Mostly I work with the 16" dolls. These are the ones I got first and their size is perfect for sewing. Though to be honest I loved making clothes for the Tonner 22" dolls. They were a nice size and great to work with.

At the Integrity doll conventions I got some 12" just for size, and being a club member I always buy at least one, so I can sell later. Needles to say and as doll collectors you know that you never say never. By now I have 10 12" dolls, and for the life of me I don't know how they got here. I must have been under a deep sleep or something......

When I worked on the maisel group, the second group was cocktail dresses. Since the bodies of the FR16 and the smaller dolls is very similar, but smaller I only needed to reduce my patterns and make some adjustments so the outfits will work for the smaller dolls. So I have decided that the cocktail dresses will be for the 12" dolls.

Wouldn't you know it that one of the comments I got was that that it would be great if these were for the 16" dolls.

Just so you know these outfit can be ordered for the 16" dolls. If interested contact me directly.

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