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A new outfit in the making.

I have seen variations of this design and I made some myself but this time having the fan pleater I chose to go all out in order to achieve the look.

Using the skirt pattern from Annabelle but his time I made it a full circle.

I lined the silk with silk organza in light red and folded in the fan pleater.

It took few attempts. I have double the fabric and when I tried to tie the board it folded on itself.

After few times I gave up and steamed it as is. At least I would get the pleats.

This morning I opened the pleater, flattened the pleater and added a masonite board in the back to give it support.

I tied it and steamed.

Now I will leave it alone till tomorrow.

In the meantime I started working on the top.

I use a crinkled silver acetate which I will cover in parts with black organza and tulle.

The bottom will have to be draped on the jacket itself since it's kind of folded fabric on itself.

So now back to the jacket.

Stay tune for the progress of this outfit.



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