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It came in a dream.

It sounds almost biblical which is so far from where I am headed, yet it's true.

As men of a certain age know and probably some women as well, there is a side effect of growing up. And please notice I said growing up and not growing old. It's having to go and pee during the night. Once in a while is no biggy, but three times a night is a real pain and I'll tell you why.

At my house I have to slowly slide from under the cover in order not to disturb the cats. The one the sleeps on my legs and the other one next to me. Of course they wake up and follow me. Then slowly stepping over the sleeping dogs. Two big yellow labs trying not to step on any tail and all that while trying not to wake up too much so I can get to sleep quickly. Then the trip back, stepping over the dogs getting comfy, cats adjusting to their sleeping position and then hoping to fall back to sleep.

Sooooo I get to dream in between and sometimes I get to remember the dream.

Last night I was dreaming that I was wearing these denim pants with black boots and then..... I had to get up to pee. The whole saga from the top and when I was back in bed I started thinking on the design of those pants in my dream and for the next hour I was designing in my head the new mens wear line.

So you see it did come to me in a dream. Growing up has it's advantages. Getting up to pee during the night is not one of them.

Yet, I did get a good idea for the new line. So go figure.

The line will be street wear for the 12" and 17" guys.

Now for sketching the ideas.

More to come.

Don't grow up.



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