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Pleats pleats pleats.

It's a great look but a pain to make.

Well, for the most part.

Working on the Dior group, pleating is essential.

There are pleated skirts and lots of them.

Years a go I got a pleater board which I use for most of my pleating.

It works great for knife pleats, but when you have a circular skirt it just won't do.

The hem line shifts and you get a mess, the pleat is narrow at the top and wider at the bottom, which a pleater board just won't do.

So I turned to google and utube and found lots of demonstrations on how its done, except for how to make the initial board.

I tried few times to create this board but failed.

But I am stubborn and won't give up without a fight.

So I found another video on utube on making the fan pleated board.

I now have to make it and see how it works.

I tried pleating the semicircle skirt by using a pleater foot on the waist and the hem line.

wet the fabric and hold with clamps

It did not work.

It might be a great idea for a wrinkled crushed look, but for clean pleats it was a big no no.

So tomorrow I will go about making the fan boards and see how it works.

Hopefully it will since I could not find a board like this for sale in doll sizes.

A bummer.

So till later.

Stay safe.



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