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Penny Dreadful


During the convention I noticed a trend for 'evil' queens.

Now i have nothing against evil queens, but too many is just too many.

Any how, being that the Agnes sculpt was being used for some of those queens, I have decided to make one of my own. And if not necessary queen, I opted for a dark Victorian look.

I have a blond Agnes that I got a while back and repainted her few times and for some reason I never did like the final look.

I left her alone till now. I realized that her eyebrows were all wrong for her. So I changed the eyebrows and gave her a new hair style that will go with the look I am after.

From left to right, version 1, than version 2 with bigger mouth and version 3 and 4 with the new eyebrows.

Influenced by Victorian fashion and the TV series Penny dreadful I sketched the dress that I have in mind.

I have a beautiful indigo silk dupioni and black lace which It will combine for the outfit. As you can see from the sketch it will have very puffy sleeves and lots of lace and ruffles.

I am making this outfit for Agnes and will probably offer her for sale once its all done.

Next step is working on the pattern and actually making the dress. But that will be addressed in the next blog.

As promised i will keep these blogs short and sweet.

Till next time.

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