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Bit by bit putting it together

Really, it is just like that. Or feather by feather.

I started gluing the feathers to the skirt.

First I had to separate the feather and divide it into small scallop shape sections,

Than the gluing started.

I worked on the first row and worked my way around and once the first row was dry I started with the second row covering the spaces in between the feathers in the first row and so on.

While the feathers were drying, I worked on the top.

I decided that the way to close the top will be using loops so it will close like a corset should. So I glued the loops on the inside of the back and covered with the clay to have the loops embedded in the back.

Pictures pleaseeeeeeee.

Once all was dry I sanded it to smooth all the rough edges. Then I painted it with red acrylic and sprayed with a decoupage spray sealant, which gives the top a very shiny finish. Almost like lacquer.