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Citron. Rhapsody in green.

Its almost done.

I finished the under dress for the outfit and worked on the top dress.

The top is done from embroidered silk dupioni in apple green, lined with china silk in apple green.

Once I put the outfit together, I started folding the front in multiple folds to create the wide neck line and the opening at the waist to reveal the under skirt.

Now all that is done is making the hat and jewelry and then add it to the After Dior group.

The under dress is made of chartreuse silk dupioni top and the bottom is made of 6 layers of tulle in aqua, light yellow and light green. The top is made of silk organza, dyed in apple green and fan folded.

The outfit put together.

Being that social media is down, only you who subscribed to my newsletter will be privee to this information.

The outfit will be available tomorrow after I finish the hat and jewelry that go with the outfit.

Stay tuned.

Till later



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