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Ellowyne welcome back line.

These are the fabrics I chose for the first group. I do hope there will be more coming after this line.

Of course if nothing sells I might not continue with this venture, but lets not get ahead of ourselves.

Here are the first five designs.

I used Dior spring 2021 as an inspiration so the fabrics had to be rich, soft and dreamy.

For the lace I am using a small floral off white lace which I will hand paint with green to add the richness that I am after.

The organza that I am using is silk organza in off white.

This color is complimentary to the rest of the fabrics and will be used as lining as well.

The pashmina fabric that I am using is a pashmina shawl that I bought for my mother years ago while I was visiting China. There are few of these and since my mother passing in 2010 I got them back but could not bring myself to cut them. Until now.

This line requires the richness of this fabric and so it will be used. I am sure my mother would approve.

The embroidered organza is a beautiful fabric that I got years ago and used in various designs. It time to use again for this line.

The quilted china silk I used a while ago for another line and have some pieces left which works well for the waist band of the skirt.

As others that sew, I have a hugh stash of fabrics and remnants of fabrics from other projects that lie around, or actually stored in drawers until they are called to be used in a new project. This quilted fabric was quilted by me on my sewing machine.

The pants will be made of celadon silk dupioni.

That is what I have accomplished so far.

Now pattern making and actually start making the outfits.

Stay tuned as I will post progress reports.

Till later



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