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First pleating test

Well, it did not go as well as I planned, but it was not bad.

I opened the paper mold and it looks great. Next I lay the red fabric I use for testing on it and started to fold it.

In the tutorial video they use two paper molds and sandwich the fabric in between. Since I don't have more of the paper, I thought I can try using only one as the mold and fold the fabric in between the creases. I do that with my straight folds board and it worked.

Well, it did not work as well as I was hoping for.

It's not bad and the mold works great but when I fold the paper with the fabric, the hem line moves and I do not get a nice even waistline or hem line.

I also used fabric that is already curved at the top which adds to the distortion.

I will try with a straight top fabric and see how it works.

Since I ordered more paper, I will make another mold and follow as the tutorial show.

Here is a link to the You tube tutorial.

Till later.



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